Be Prepared!

To be prepared in the case of a natural disaster, emergency evacuation or family emergency there are some things you should have on hand:

-An accurate list of all your pet’s medicines including doses and schedules
-All medicines should be kept in one place so they are easier to access
-A carrier for each cat and a travel kennel for each dog
-Sturdy leashes and collars for each dog
-Cat litter box, litter and scoop
-Five day’s worth of food and water for your pets including bowls
-Recent photo of each pet
-Bedding and toys for each pet

In addition, make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations and that they are micro-chipped. A microchip is the only reliable permanent identification!

Be aware that many evacuation shelters may not accept pets so you may need to go to a hotel or relative to seek shelter.

Finally, do not leave your pets at home as most pets cannot fend for themselves in a disaster.